The Kemi Malaika Foundation believes in providing high quality education to all children, regardless of socioeconomic background or race. They do this through Ecole Kalan, a multinational fee paying primary school in Senegal educating over 200 children of varying backgrounds. 

What they needed:

The Kemi Malaika foundation want to secure the financial sustainability of Ecole Kalan. They are currently building a new bigger school and need assistance to enhance its educational offerings to older pupils, broadening their educational services to a wider user base. In order to move to the next stage, they needed to develop an all round view of the schools current provision, operations and revenue streams.

Our Solution:

  • Identified a number of areas in which the school curriculum and teaching styles could be enhanced and developed for older pupils.

  •  Currently developing the fundraising strategy to diversify funding streams within the UK.

  •   Enriched the development of Kemi Malaika Foundation’s programme planning process at the new school.


What they said:

Beyond the Classroom have really gotten stuck into helping us to clarify our aims and ambitions for the next stage of our journey. it's been useful having the knowledge of the UK education system and learning how elements of this can be implemented in our new school. They offered a flexible and strategic perspective to project planning, their passion for education and young people really shone through in their commitment to the project.”

Costa Bonato, Founding director

Kemi Malaika Foundation