Evening Standard - Beyond the Classroom Gives Young Women Vital Life skills

We were very excited on Tuesday afternoon to open the Evening Standard Newspaper, to read a two page spread written about the wonderful work we do. The article focuses on Our Girlhood to Womanhood programme and explains; 

"She (Amma) set up Beyond the Classroom to give young people the chance to talk about issues that they would not normally discuss even in sex and relationships classes or PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons.

The unusual way she (Amma) gets young women to talk about their worries is by using music and drama. Vulnerable sixth-formers get together to discuss the issues that are really bothering them — often older boyfriends, sexual abuse and being coerced into sex.


The girls then create a series of role plays which develop into a full musical theatre production where their problems are aired through “fictional” characters."

Amma Said;

“I have a vision of being able to help create a troop of young women who are really well-informed, really confident, really able and capable and really keen to share those positive attributes with other young women in their communities.”

You can read the full article on the Evening Standard website here Written by Anna Davis.