NHS Resilience Project


Wouldn’t it be great if young people had a stronger input into the design and delivery of the services that affect them? Well, yes of course! I hear you cry - We think so too and that’s why we take a youth led approach in all the work we do, empowering young people to become leaders in their own schools and communities. Our consortium project funded by the NHS (Health Education England) and in partnership with Rathbone SocietySt Michaels Fellowship and Alford House is no exception!


Since March, we’ve been collaborating with our consortium partners on the creation of a resilience initiative, co-produced with young people. From BTC’s perspective, it’s been a great opportunity for us to engage some of our G2W (Girlhood to Womahood) alumni in the design and delivery of an evidence based Resilience programme. In recent months groups of young people have been getting together to explore the various elements of resilience (e.g. Motivation, relationships, managing emotions and problem-solving). They’ve developed creative approaches to fostering resilience with their peer group in mind, in an effort to produce authentic resources for personal wellbeing.


In the New Year, we will deliver a range of training sessions and workshops to professionals in the mental health, education and youth sectors, to learn all about what we’re up to.  So keep your eyes open for updates!