When Profit & Purpose Collide W/ Denise Lewis, Baroness Amos....

On Wednesday we brought brilliant young women together with exceptional professionals - Baroness Valerie Amos, Denise Lewis OBE, Cerrie BurnellSarah Morris and Alison Benjamin at the Aviva head office. It was so inspiring to hear our girls saying things like:

"today I learnt that I can do anything!" 

Over the past three years, with support from Rosa (the UK Fund for Women and Girls) Beyond the Classroom and the Aviva Women’s Network have nurtured a deep and meaningful partnership, built on mutual respect, objectives and interests. We've provided impactful opportunities to Aviva People and a diverse pool of young women across London.


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In honour of the International Day of the Girl, We celebrated unusual alliances and mutual respect while looking to the future of Corporate X Social collaborations. We had a room of over 200 future leaders and professionals - sharing, networking, learning and laughing!

CSR has well documented benefits for teams and companies. Corporate support is a goal for many charities. Diversity and inclusion are hot topics. But this new trend goes further: Mutual support and shared understanding are flourishing, where suspicion and resentment once lay – and the benefits go way beyond the teams or companies involved. When we asked our colleagues at Aviva what it was like working with our young people on co-produced projects they said: 


"Working with Beyond the Classroom is one of my most treasured moments while working at aVIva and the impact lives on!"

Keep a look out for more photos and footage coming soon!

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