PSHE inquiry - Parliamentary Education Select Committee

On the same day we submitted evidence to the parliamentary education select committee for their inquiry into PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education). The result of which branded PSHE as inadequate in at least 40% of schools! Yes, we know its it poor, our research suggest that 78% of young people consider their PSHE inadequate. So….what’s the solution? We made a number of recommendations to the committee based on our delivery of the G2W programmes over the past three years, including;

  • A bottom up approach to PSHE and in particular SRE, which takes into account the thoughts feelings and needs of students through a youth led approach to delivery.

  • The employment of engaging techniques such as the performing arts and media to engage young people in the exploration of difficult and sensitive topics.

  •  A holistic approach to Relationships and sex education which does not only focus on contraception but the development of decision making skills, self-esteem and confidence

“PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) requires improvement in 40% of schools. The situation appears to have worsened over time, and young people consistently report that the sex and relationships education (SRE) they receive is inadequate. This situation would not be tolerated in other subjects, and yet the Government’s strategy for improving PSHE is weak. There is a mismatch between the priority that the Government claims it gives to PSHE and the steps it has taken to improve the quality of teaching in the subject."

House of commons,

Education Committee 2015