GCSE Results Day!


It's that time of year again, GCSE results day tomorrow!

We know that some of you, your friends or family are collecting grades in a few hours time so we wanted to share our three top tips for anyone who might benefit from this information:

1.) If you’ve been struggling to decide on 3 A-level subjects to choose...

Did you know that you can actually do 4 subjects in year 1 and then drop one in year two once you have a better flavour of the course? However, bear in mind, your 6th form or college will only encourage you to do this if they think you will be able to handle it and were getting high levels at GCSE.

2.) Are there 6th forms or colleges you weren't able to get into the first time?...

Did you know that tomorrow, you can have a second chance! If there are schools or colleges you would like to reconsider you once you have received your grades, you can give them a call on results day and see if they have space. We recommend that you call them as early as possible tomorrow once you have your grades.

3.) Most importantly, remember...

Whatever happens tomorrow, your grades do not define you!

The very best of luck for anyone and everyone collecting GCSEs tomorrow, everyone at BTC is rooting for ya!