City Hall – A Woman’s Place

On Wednesday 21st January 2015 Beyond the Classroom took over London’s Living Room at City Hall, with the aim of telling the world that 'A Woman’s Place' is... wherever she wants it to be! 

And we succeeded. Almost 100 young women from schools across London joined a panel of distinguished professionals to explore their experiences of breaking the glass ceiling, in the typically male dominated industries of business, sport, politics and STEM.

It was a poignant day for us to be at City Hall, as under our feet the Mayor of London was being grilled by the GLA (Greater London Authority) about his recently implemented policies. We made lots of noise to ensure that they could all hear us, raising aspirations and inspiring the next generation of female leaders!

“ I was inspired by 'A Woman's Place', I even learnt a lot from the panelists myself!

 I would like to provide this programme to more of our students.  Definitely, without hesitation! ”

          - Pimlico Academy, 

           Raising aspirations director

The girls tell us they were inspired by the experience and learnt a lot about careers that they didn’t previously know existed! We will now be conducting follow up workshops at each of their schools to help them further explore their career and GCSE options. We’re looking forward to working with the Mayors Fund for London’s employability team, Young London Working to develop this provision.

We are so grateful to our wonderful panel for giving up their time and sharing invaluable insights. So we were very excited when Chika, director at Aviva PLC further pledged to welcome the girls interested in math to the Aviva head office in Central London!  We’re so proud to be offering such incredible opportunities to young women from state schools across London. 

On Wednesday 'A Woman’s place' was at City Hall, but tomorrow it's…wherever SHE wants it to be!