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We don’t exactly have a Real Men programme yet, but we’d really like to and need your help! 

What is a ‘Real Man’ anyway

We have a strong track record of supporting young women develop the soft skills they need to reach their full potential. 

We’re constantly asked ‘what about the boys’ and recognise that young men are often underserved in the provision of emotional wellbeing programmes and think this work is incredibly important!

Please get in touch if you:

  • Have experience working with diverse groups of young men, developing their soft-skills to improve the life chances of young people from difficult social backgrounds.

  • Have ideas on how we could build the emotional vocabulary of young men, and support them in having positive intimate relationships 

  • Have networks or resources you would like to invest into this work 


We’d really like to:

  • Challenge society’s perceptions of what a ‘real man’ is

  • Tailor our G2W model to the needs of young men

  • Support young men and women to maintain healthy relationships with themselves and each other

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together on a Real Men Programme